Saturday, January 02, 2010

Eerie father

The road of a modern father isn't always paved with marsh-mallows. Or perhaps it is, easy to sink into and sticky as can be.

Being a single-parent now I am drawn into the world of other parents. A few nights ago a mother and daughter came to pick up my youngest daughter for a sleep-over at new-years eve. I had met the mother already a few times so I kissed her on both cheeks. The daughter she had with her, not the friend of my daughter but an older specimen that I estimated to be 15 or 16, was standing behind her, timidly. After some of my insisting and her hesitation, this daughter kissed me too. I then asked both to come in and offered them something to drink.

During the nice conversation we had it slowly became clear to me that the 15/16 year old daughter was in fact a son.....

I firmly shook his hand when they left a bit later.

When my youngest daughter was brought back to me today and the whole family came out the car to wish me a happy new year... the son was sitting in the car and waving safely at me from a distance.....

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