Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ridiculous hassidic outfit (2)

Date: May 1st (Jom Tov, last day Pesach)
Place: Antwerp, Belgium
Time: 4.00 PM
Temperature: 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit)

I see a Hassid wearing his warm Jom Tov outfit, fur hat, thick coat... the whole wintry shebang, and I wonder about the logic behind this self-flagellation.

Why was the decision taken to freeze their clothing fashion somewhere in the nineteenth century and stick to an outfit meant for a cold climate. Wouldn’t it be a more sincere religious decision had they adopted the garb of Moses and company?

On the other hand, too bad the Hassidic movement was not born here in Holland. I think this is how Hassidim would look like had their rebbes lived in Dutch places like Marken, Urk, Volendam or Walcheren.

And then probably with Purim their children would dress up as Polish peasants.

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