Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Midlife (21)

You’re in fact of no avail

Despite what you may pretend
your life’s in negative trend.
You’re stretched, way beyond repair
it's so tempting to despair.

Once ferment of mirth was rife
but in this ‘film noir’ called “Life”
the happy will not prevail.
So don't you bother to wail
it’s in fact of no avail
it’s just a silly fairy tale.

Now your figments have been sheared
fables of luck disappeared.
Then your life a precious dream
turned into a nightmare theme.

Once the good prospects were rife
but the fables of your life
are in fact of no avail.
So don't you bother to wail
‘bout the cheating fairy tale
that rectitude will prevail.

You're an empathic creature.
Giving, a second nature.
But giving gnats your troth
is like fodder for the sloths.

Once your eupathy was rife
but t'wards midnight of your life
emulates that fairy tale.
Know honesty won't prevail
so don't you bother to wail.

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