Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holiday happiness day 1

So we are leaving today with Air Obscure, or at least that is what I hope the plan. We should have been at our destination by now but the flight has a delay of at least 9 hours.

I hope the plane has seats aboard to sit in.

We arrived and I didn't know it still existed, applauding passengers when the airplane lands. Obviously it still does.

The bus driver driving us from the airport to the hotel neglected at least two red traffic lights. No really much considering that the journey took us about an hour and that it could have been much more.

Upon booking we had received the assurance that we would get two joining rooms, since we are a 6-person family. Apparently the term "joining rooms" has another meaning here. I am not sure but I think it means something like "two rooms situated as far from each other as possible and preferably not in the same building".

Since it was already late when we arrived we took our "joining rooms" assured by the receptionist that it would be only for one night.

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