Friday, May 20, 2005

Ridiculous hassidic outfit

A young yeshiwah bucher, fully dressed up in his folkloristic costume like a nineteenth century Polish peasant at his Sunday's best, velvet hat included, passed my hassidic friend and me. We were both amazed by the decision of the boy's mother to have her son dressed up like that. Then my friend made himself immortal by saying: “Really ridiculous, anyone can see that his pants are too short”.


old carriage sports lounge said...
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old carriage sports lounge said...

pardon my ignorance--but was there some kind of special occasion/chassidishe holiday observance? i actually love the way that looks, but "his Sunday best"??? do us Jews have a "Sunday best" -- isn't that what Shabbos is?

Circumspection said...

"like a Polish peasant at his Sunday best"