Monday, June 06, 2005

A good Jew is a dead Jew

Dead in the sense of being a non-critical, loyal and docile member of the religious herd, not having a genuine personal opinion and far from being introspective.

How come I can't find anybody in the religious blogsphere writing about their real internal life? Most of them, if not all, talk about what they don't like about being religious or the religion itself but no one is going deeper, showing more of the inner person. They all go to some layer around their ego and introspection is taboo.

Someone told me to look at religion (and nationalism) as "scripts", and to look at the people who attach themselves to those scripts as actors playing the roles they are expected by others to perform. So many religious sites are working around and in the script, whereas the audience (and critics) can have a very different perspective on the “play”.

But to me they are all nothing but a slumbering and unenlightened herd, even the black sheep among them who think they have a clearer view.


Frummer????? said...

You won't find me talking much about myself as the person I truly am because it would unmask me, and in the business I am in, that wouldn't be such a great idea.

the shaigetz said...

Maybe you cannot find anyone writing about their real internal life on the religious blogosphere because we, good Jews, ARE in the posession of the full length of our frontal lobes and feel no need to go shoving our circumcisions into other peoples faces.

It is possible that Slomeonevitch did say that we are like actors playing roles (he should know) but I can assure you that anyone outside watching who thinks he understands it, has lost the plot entirely (or his frontal lobe of course).

My suggestion Mr Mallered Brain is that you go off and make yourself a 'Good Jew'.

No offense of course I am just pointing out that you are rather dismissive of us bloggers and we can be that too (-:

Circumspection said...

Now, I appreciate the effort you both made in writing something here, though I find Frummer’s answer more explanatory then Shaigetz’ sarcastic reply. However you both don’t explain why you are not talking about your inner drive. I’m not suggesting that you should expose yourself by writing what you do and how you do it, but how many people (if any) would recognise you if you would expose your inner feelings? Or do you find that too exhibitionistic or Hellenistic to see and describe yourself as an individual rather then a (critically) sheep in the herd?

Ps My suggestion Mr. Literary Genius: go buy a dictionary and see how “possession” is spelled, no offence of course :-)

the shaigetz said...

None taken (of course).

I think, to be honest, that I do not have any inner feelings. I don't notice that I am holding back on anything besides my identity. I write about what interests or irks me.
I have a feeling (ah there is one) that you overestimate the existence of the inner-self and the 'individual'.

Circumspection said...


I am not as adept at conceptual discussions as “you people” are, in fact I don’t come even close, but I will give it a try though.

I’m not saying that, besides your ID, you deliberately are holding back something. But what I miss in the religious blogs are the introspective motives that make you to be the black sheep that you choose to be.

Ok so you are intelligent, congratulations, but do you use that intelligence to become a better person or do you just accept the way G’d (written like this out of respect for you people ) has created you and start working from there? Say, besides being intelligent, you would have a shady character would you just accept that character as G’d has meant you to be and live within the boundaries of the Halachah or would you use your intelligence to enhance yourself (and I don’t mean in a religious way). What do you strive for at your inner level? Are you as critical for yourself as you are to the people you poke fun at?

Or is it that most of the Jewish religious blogsphere are Shaigetz’ epigones and he has set the tone on how to write?

Circumspection said...

This discussion continued in Shaigetz' blog. Click here to get there

Anonymous said...

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