Monday, November 07, 2005

Are you depressed?

Who? Me? Cripple, unable to work for months, married, 4 kids, no savings and no income... naaaah I'm not depressed. What gave you that idea?

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Passionate Life said...

Life can be sad sometimes... What can you do?

Words sometimes just don't have any value in the face of sadness.

But how can you express anything without words?

Sometimes just hearing words even if they can't do anything means something.

Somehow they creep into the back of your head and even if they don't register in that moment, the very effort sometimes means something when you think back about it.

Today my two best friends on earth tried to cheer me up. I wasn't very helpful to them and they both felt frustrated that they couldnt get through to me.

But in the quiet moments later, even if I am still sad, their efforts meant a lot to me.

Life is funny that way.

Here's to brighter days...

Circumspection said...

Thank you.