Saturday, January 08, 2005

Religious fear of the heterodox (1)

Excluding opinions originating in other religions can have several reasons:
- A fear of one’s own protean conviction.
- A feeling of religious superiority, claiming a monopoly of the absolute truth.
- An urge to keep one’s mental life simple.

I can not find any virtuous reason.

Learning from other religions can be a chance to elevate one’s own moral existence.

One should be open for such.


the shaigetz said...

Is that so? So I am not entitled to the unwavering belief that Judaism is right and therefore xtianity and Islam are not?

I have never understood this modern urge to pretend that freedom of expression means I have to agree with everybody.


Circumspection said...

Dear Shaigetz,
I esteem you a lot for your elevated way of writing but I’m rather disappointed by your poor reading.

Sure you’re entitled to your claim of the monopoly on the one and only true faith, so are the Pope, the mullah’s and all the other religious monopolists around.

You rather missed my point here:
Disagreeing beforehand with dissentients and/or rejecting ideas because of their author or messenger is objectionable.

aus blog said...

I used to think that if there were no god,their would
be a need to invent him.
But now I'm not so sure that was ever a good idea.