Monday, September 22, 2008

But do you really like your b-day present?

Mrs.Circum: “Happy birthday dear and here is my present for you.”

Mr.Circum: {unwrapping}

Mr.Circum: "Ah that's a nice present, a beauty-case! Really beautiful! Thank you!”

Mrs.Circum: “Yes now you don't need those two old toilet-bags anymore and look, there is even a loose mirror inside. Don't you like it?”

Mr.Circum: "Yes dear it's really nice”

Mrs.Circum: "Do you really like it?"

Mr.Circum: "Yes dear I really like it.”

Mrs.Circum: "But do you really, really like it?"

Mr.Circum: "Yes dear, I really like it. But perhaps it's a bit too big as it will take up almost half the space in my suitcase. I think the two old bags I use now are more practical."

Mrs.Circum: "Do you want me to bring it back?"

Mr.Circum: "It all depends, if it costed more then €100 then I think perhaps it’s better to bring it back."

Mrs.Circum: {ignoring husband for rest of the day}

ps 1
I should have listened to my youngest son who was secretly hitting my leg when she asked it, trying to tell me to be carefull with my answer.

ps 2
It's that I'm not rancorous, otherwise I would give her a drilling machine for her birthday

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