Saturday, August 09, 2008

Holiday happiness day 10

Bargaining tips from the empiric expert - part two

The holiday bargaining confusion strategy.

The seller wants 50. Offer 25.
The seller will be very indignant and it is only because you are his friend and that he knows people from your city that are very nice too that you can have it for 40. Thank him in the most polite way and then offer 20 with a serious face. This will confuse him and with some luck he will say that you just offered 25. Thank him in an exuberant way, take out your wallet and count out 25. While the seller looks at you, trying to find out if you are sane or not, keep smiling at him in an evangelic kind of way. If this all does not work, go for the "me not speak English good" strategy.

Whatever you do, keep smiling and remember that it is only a game and no matter what you do, you will loose. Only how much is up to you.

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