Thursday, June 30, 2005

So whist my silent screams...

Most is said...
nothing changed...
all pursues...
but it's out of my system...

See you in my next depression.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sam and Abe meet in the street…

Sam: “Why do you look so sad?”
Abe: “My salesman died this week”
Sam: “What did he have?”
Abe: “The west-coast”

Monday, June 06, 2005

A good Jew is a dead Jew

Dead in the sense of being a non-critical, loyal and docile member of the religious herd, not having a genuine personal opinion and far from being introspective.

How come I can't find anybody in the religious blogsphere writing about their real internal life? Most of them, if not all, talk about what they don't like about being religious or the religion itself but no one is going deeper, showing more of the inner person. They all go to some layer around their ego and introspection is taboo.

Someone told me to look at religion (and nationalism) as "scripts", and to look at the people who attach themselves to those scripts as actors playing the roles they are expected by others to perform. So many religious sites are working around and in the script, whereas the audience (and critics) can have a very different perspective on the “play”.

But to me they are all nothing but a slumbering and unenlightened herd, even the black sheep among them who think they have a clearer view.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

“First thing of being Jewish is about being a decent human being”…duh!

All good willing men will say the same about their religion, irrespective what their religion is. Most Hassidim (if not virtually all) would disagree with this. To them the first thing about being Jewish is living according to the Halacha, being a decent human is not even an issue for them. In fact I know many “good Jews” who use the Halacha for what I find abject moral behaviour.

Humanity has nothing to do with religion. Someone good or evil will find enough reasons in his holy scripts to justify his actions. None of the Abrahamitic religions is really peaceful. Read the holy scripts; war, adultery (even from the saints), manslaughter, beheading, stonings all 'doesn’t seem to be very humane to me' yet they are all advertised strongly. The Homo Sapiens is a bestial animal that withholds nothing, except that humans tend to justify their actions with an explanation or by finding an origin or early (scriptual?) commandments. An attitude which can lead to magical thinking.

The term “humane” covers all the good qualities we attribute to our species. Its general definition is: “a disposition to relieve creatures in distress, and to treat all with kindness, honesty and tenderness.” Although the attributes implicit in the word "humane" are as wrong and self-aggrandizing as the statement in the title of this blog, humanism is my chosen way of living.