Monday, March 03, 2008

Indignant Muslim reaction to Geert Wilders' movie

"Declare that we are peaceful and civilized or we will kill you!"


Hicham said...

Hello Circumspection,

People are different yet they ought to understand not to hate so this is not totally right.

I'm concerened about stereotyped image so in case you wish, I invite you to read my post from a Muslim's point of view.

Circumspection said...

Hello Hicham!
The problem is not the good willing people of any race, religion, country or whatever. It’s the nationalistic and/or religious hooligans on either side that we have to be aware of and that can drag us into their elementary medieval thoughts and tribe fights. In my blog I will laugh about all jingoistic fools, unregarded if they are muslim, jew or christian. The blog that you left your comment (thank you for it btw :-) ) is not about muslims but about stupids who happen to be muslim. I, being a jew, wouldn’t mind if you make a fool of the fools who happen to be jewish too. A fool is a fool. There would be a difference however if I, or you, would make a fool of the other just because of the other’s race or religion. Would we do that we would lower ourselves to the same low level of the fools we have on both sides. As the roughnecks amidst our religions will never accept any criticism from “heathen”, we as the good-willing have to try to bring our religious narrow-minded brothers to a more civilized era. A task not easy as the sectarian clubs in all religions think they possess the only truth.
I guess people will stay people and need to belong to a club (or whatever) to fight for against “the others”.

Keep thinking and keep talking!