Thursday, December 29, 2005

The ethical essence of an orthi (2)

By limiting ethical choices to “allowed or prohibited” one renounces personal responsibility for reprehensible behavior.


the shaigetz said...

i find your use of the word orthi disturbing. Apart from expecting everybody who espouses a certain view to display the same characteristics you are also using a nickname that seems designed to be derogatory.

Circumspection said...

Just to be clear: I do not have any derogating intentions with the word “orthi”. I use it as an easy to use abbreviation for “orthodox religious person” without any ulterior motives, just a cute and fancy short word of which the meaning can be easily taken.

Could it be that your perception of the word "orthi" is negative because you experience orthodoxy as something bad and/or associate it with something negative? Or could it be that you are raised in an environment in which most of the bad or negative is named “goyish”, and that you recognize the naming of a certain community as an expression of disapproval?

But you're right that I'm generalizing all orthodox religious people when it comes to ethical essence. However, my generalization isn't less obvious then the sweeping statement that all Jews are human. Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't this what orthodox religion is about: “The total and unquestioning submission to predetermined rules imposing what is allowed and what not”?

the shaigetz said...

All racism, dear Circumelle, is assuming that any individual will react or behave in a certain way based on his/her race, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation or belief-set.

What my personal hangups are (on the off chance I have any) is irrelevant. You have to take into account that labeling a group is usually wrong. Your presuming my response is just comfirmation of that.

Still I never expected more from a fryer (-:

Circumspection said...

Dear Bubeleh,

I think you generalise generalising in general. Not all generalising is untrue or meant to be derogatory. Some examples: There is no woman with or man without penis (not taking Dana International and Cº in account), all albino’s should be careful in the sun, all orthi’s of any religion follow the laws of their believe (or at least pretend they do).

By the way… I love you too even if you are as easily affronted as all other orthi’s (-: