Friday, September 28, 2007

Crazy auntie Mien

My grandparents always had an open house. It was not unusual to meet other people there when we went to visit them, also many older people (at least they seemed old to me).

One regular was auntie Mien, who was married to my grandfather’s brother Levie. Levie was cattle dealer, and always walked around with a big pile of cash in his pocket and just like my grandfather always had a big Willem II cigar in his mouth. They had gotten married when their son was already in his thirties, something rather uncommon in those days. We all had our doubts about auntie Mien’s sanity, a feeling only reinforced by the one and a half teeth she had left in her mouth and a whinnying laugh.

I remember one day at a cosy family gathering, Auntie Mien explained that, now she was widow, it was not economical too cook for herself. What she did was to cook a dish and freeze it in little cubes. Then she would take from the freezer what and when she needed it. I remember the laughs we had about the silliness of this when she left.

It was some 20 years later that , in my supermarket freezer section, I found little cubes of spinach.

I bet she is laughing above now.

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Anonymous said...

Enig, tante Mien, we hebben eigenlijk een leuke familie, toch goed dat jouw cellen nog zo goed werken, ben veel ouder, maar zit weer te hikken van de lach en de memories en déja vue.X