Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Virtual book burning by Hassidim

Recently two Jewish blogs (Mis-nagid and Godol Hador) are hacked by Hassidic zealots. The original authors of both blogs are anonymous Hassidim, well known/notorious for their sharp pen and highly intelligent criticism on abusive and putative mental fallacies in the Jewish orthodoxy.

This blog hijacking reminds me of the book burnings by a repugnant party some 70 years ago.

Who will be the next blogger to be virtually stoned now?


BrooklynWolf said...

Actually, neither one was hacked. Both simply left the blogging world.

Mis-nagid, however, let his "blog domain" go and it was promptly claimed by someone else who made a mockery of it.

Godol Hador, simply retired.

The Wolf

Conservative Apikoris said...

Actually a bunch more have become defunct.

That in itself wouldn't be cause for concern, except that at least one of them (Pravda Ne'eman) included a virtual retraction and apology. Gadol Hador's closing message was also something of an apology. This makes me suspecicious that at least of few of these guys have been outed and been forced to recant their heretical views.

Hopefully, they have recanted in the manner of Galileo -- "But the earth still moves."

Anonymous said...

Just recently, a special SH task force was founded to expose online shkotzim.
(the Sancta Hasidicum Inquisición Tyburn)

Circumspection said...

How do they want to expose the black sheep in a black dressed herd?

Rachack said...

BTW, I'm not really Chassidish

maharal said...

What does a Hollander know about Chassiduth,chassidutch?

The bootjes are not realy "kosher" at all.

Circumspection said...


Mis-nagid said...

I as not hasidic. I thought my pen name made that clear! :-)