Monday, August 10, 2009

Hotel shop owner

The printed flyer that he had distributed in the hotel spoke about "jewllery made to your reguiremnts", "re-sizine", "unwandet gold" and "Free pick-un service from hotels-see for representetiye".

I got into a conversation with him and he told me how difficult business was for him as the tour guides in the hotel warned their tourists that he overcharged. It just was not fair! He asked me for advice on how to improve his sales. I suggested that he would give discount on his prices and that he would paint a big discount message on his window.

He then told me, with an aggrieved expression on his face, that the tour guides would then most probably tell the tourists that he was only giving fake discounts because he had first rose the price. I rhetorically asked him: "But this is what you are going to do, no?" For a second he looked caught, tried to keep up his aggrieved expression and then started smirking.

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